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Cardiff SU are looking for a ‘student snapchatter’ to cover YOLO Wednesdays

Yup, the student dream job just became available

Cardiff Students' Union Jobshop are currently advertising for a student to cover the best bits of YOLO Wednesdays for the official Cardiff Students Snapchat Account.

Work hours would be from 10:00pm to 1:30am and there would be a two-week trial period before being made permanent. To apply, students would have to send four recently taken 'interesting snaps' and include one reason why they would be great for the job.

The rate of pay for the job would be £7.50 per hour for those under 25, and £7.83 per hour for over 25s.

The job has only been advertised so far to students who are also staff within the SU but we're hoping it's going to be opened up to all students for one very VK filled story.

Going for a Wednesday sesh at the SU and getting paid £27.40 for it? Sounds good to us.