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The SU deliver a half-hearted apology for overselling Varsity tickets

Entrance to Sketty Lane is not guaranteed

Angry students filled Cardiff University's SU on Monday to complain about the lack of available coach spaces to get to Sketty Lane for this years Varsity.

The SU were operating under a first come, first serve system so many students will be left without a coach space, with one student saying 'the last bus was 3:30-4:30 meaning I won't see the majority of Varsity and I'll only get there for the rugby, it's so bad considering how many people want to go for the whole day!'

In a statement made on the their website, the Students Union apologised for the situation; 'organisers have worked hard to increase the capacity of Sketty Lane by 60 per cent… Despite this considerable increase, the popularity of the event has meant that demand has exceeded capacity. We apologise if this has caused any disappointment to students attending the event.'

However, the apology is followed by the defence that students should have known they weren't guaranteed entry; 'From the day the tickets went on sale, it was specified that the site was subject to a fixed capacity and that access to this site would be allocated at the collection point on a first come, first serve basis. This information was also communicated to ticket holders prior to collection.'