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I sat in on a BSc lecture and honestly why are you guys doing this to yourselves?

BA’s do it better

As an English student, the idea of sitting in on an Economic’s lecture is basically my living nightmare. Economics just made me think of statistics, charts and numbers, and everyone knows English students and numbers don't mix.

I should've taken the sign of a Monday 9am lecture in the business school as a foreboding sign. I rocked up equip to the eyeballs with every BA’s student’s lecture essentials – a pretty insta-worthy notebook straight out of Paperchase, an array of highlighters in every colour and a pen (because Shakespeare wasn't typed on a Mac).

You have boring lecturers

Do I need to even say it because I’m sure you already know. I mean come on! It was already early morning on a Monday so I needed something to keep from falling back to sleep. But no, instead I was met with a monotone voice and a lecturer who didn't move from the projector. All I needed was a blanket and a pillow and I would've been sorted. Have you ever met a BA lecturer? They’re the quirkiest, theatrical and enthusiastic people, and when you put them up in front of crowd and ask them about the themes in Wuthering Heights then prepare for a show. Move over Kate Bush because our lecturers will make you act out the dance routine if it means you’ll memorise the work. And yes, it worked.


My god! How many graphs do you need? Seriously, I think there was about seven different graphs that all looked the exact same. Yet somehow they were all supposed to be completely different. You fooled me. I tried to draw some just to pretend like I belonged amongst the analytical minds but I soon lost interest and started to draw a cartoon ostrich so who was the real winner here.

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He's called Roberto

What’s with all the symbols?

Did we all just give up on language and swap to hieroglyphics because half of the lecture might as well have been in gibberish. It was basically emoticons on steroids. < ^ ~ > § :). WHY? Just say equal or more than or smiley face. As if the terminology wasn't confusing enough you just like throwing around shapes to confuse people. Or maybe it was just me, I could never crack those crocodile mouths in maths < .

There is only one answer, and yours is wrong

What do you do if you didn't finish this week’s reading cause Quid’s In was calling your name? You fail. You can’t bullshit your way through this one with a spark notes summary or your own interpretation of what the answer could be. Oh no, you actually have to work and if you don’t understand then you should just drop out now because there is no help for you. It’s the Darwinian way and natural selection is giving you the boot because you just can’t find the value of x.

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The enthusiasm is overwhelming

24/7 Lectures

You seem to always be in uni! Every day, 9-5, trying to wrap your head around endless streams of formula and equations. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO YOURSELF? Look in amazement and jealousy as I lord my four day week timetable over you where I’m only in uni for a couple hours at a time. Whilst you’ve been slugging it through the day, I’ve probably just rolled out of bed and enjoyed my first cup of tea for the day. God it feels good to be a BA student.

Honestly guys, it’s not too late, save yourself and switch to a BA course.