BAs are much harder than BSCs and don’t try to tell me otherwise

There’s nothing sexy about a Geology degree

It's time for this discussion to be dealt with and for the truth to finally be said out loud: BA degrees are so much harder than your BSCs.

Whether that'll be English Literature, Philosophy, Journalism or History, we have it much harder than those of you studying Chemistry, Medicine, Geography or Maths. Much harder. And that's the truth.

There is never a right or wrong answer

Lets discuss the fact that there's never a right or wrong answer. Are those curtains yellow because Sandra is feeling mellow after drinking 3 cups of tea and dunking biscuits, or because the author just wanted yellow curtains? Who knows. Because when you study a degree where everything is being bloody questioned, its grates on those little parts of your brain.

You guys, however, have it exceptionally easy, when all you have to do is work out the meaning of X, which by the way, always seems to be a number under 10 (what's that about?) For us BA students however, one of us could interpret Virtue Ethics as the best thing since Plato, while another argues for Deontology and the never ending continuation of rules. It's a nightmare back here.

So many books. So much knowledge.

So many books. So much knowledge.

We have to understand what were being taught, not just memorise it

We have to actually understand, not just memorise the answers to every question on planet earth, because with no knowledge in your chosen BA degree, kiss goodbye to a sweet 2:1 or 1st, because there's no way you can chat nonsense on the number of people who perished in the Battle of Hastings. Was is 1,000 or 10,000? Did they die because of the lack of medical advances and everyone got wiped out with disease or was the other side spear happy? If we haven't learnt and understood the back bone of everything, we're fucked. We need to know why. Then go on to explain how. Then go on further to develop our answers and give other possible outcomes.

Medics however? Learn how the heart pumps blood and boom, your sorted. If that question comes up in your exam you've got no worries because you made 10 flash cards which are stuck to your wall and you've memorised it better than your new address at uni. Lucky shits.

Oh, and you guys can copy

Still struggling though with that answer on whether the earth is round? Just copy the guy next to you. Because you can do that. Us BAers? We can't copy Lisa's view on whether the socialism is the best thing because they'll know we copied. Could you have it any easier?

Just a humble BA student tirelessly studying

Just a humble BA student tirelessly studying

Wake up and smell the routine

All you BSCs have a lovely 9-5 routine, us BAs? In uni one hour here, two hours there. There is no flow to our lives. We're constantly questioning what's happening in the day ahead where as you get to gracefully wake up at half eight, go to uni, have your lunch, do a bit more uni, then go home for the evening. With routine comes a peaceful life, but for the rest of us we never know whether were coming or going.

Ever heard of procrastination? Because if you study a BA you definitely have

Procrastination is a disease. And if you're doing a BA you're suffering with no cure or treatment, finding yourself doing quizzes on Facebook when really you should be writing that essay due in 2 months time. Tragic. Having a four day weekend only makes your case of procrastination even worse, as that gives you even more time to contemplate how much you really need a degree and then make yourself feel better by doing that quiz on what type of garlic bread you could be. Are you the one with cheese on top or the little garlic balls you dip in butter? Now you know, because although its a Tuesday you don't have anything on so really its not ACTUALLY a uni day. Right? You BSCs are lucky enough to not have any time to catch a case of procrastination, making your life all the more better. The jealousy is real.

And with procrastination, comes self motivation

With a case of procrastination, comes the task of self motivation. BA students have to make themselves learn. Make themselves read that book, and do that essay which isn't due till next January. It's awful and soul destroying.

BSC students, however, have deadlines every week so your always on top of it. There's no need for self motivation as you're literally forced to do work all the time. What a life to live.

BA student with a case of no self motivation. Awful.

BA student with a case of no self motivation. Awful.

But with all this pain, comes the knowledge of knowing we're very, very important

Without us BA students you guys would know nothing. That philosophy degree is the reason we're such open minded and questioning people. That History degree literally tells you about your great great great great Grandpa and how if it wasn't for him you wouldn't be here today. And Journalism students? If it wasn't for us you'd be clueless about all current affairs and the issues they're having over the pond. Doctors are life savers right? Well if you didn't have your English student to write up a report about the discoveries, and your Journalism student to publish it, and then your History student to document it, well, you see where I'm going here. You may dumb us down and say 'is your degree even worth anything?', but we'll all simply reply with yes, hunny, it is. And it's harder.

And like I said at the top, there's nothing sexy about a Geology Degree.