The Cardiff pro-Trump protestors were conducting a social experiment

They held signs saying ‘Ban Muslims from UK’

Two Cardiff YouTubers conducted a social experiment outside Cardiff Castle during Monday’s demonstration against Trump’s #MuslimBan.

Contrary to their personal opinions, they held two banners reading “Let’s Follow Trump” and “Ban Muslims from UK”, in order to gain reactions from the public.

Youtubers ‘SafeVlogs’ and ‘ManLikeSanaan’ were aggressively confronted during the experiment, causing policemen to intervene as some members of the public began chanting “off our streets!” and “Nazi scum!”

The protest took place on Monday

SafeVlogs said: “There shouldn’t have been a violent reaction because I personally don’t agree with violence.

“However, the reason as to why they became violent is that they stood with belief that Trump’s policies and orders are completely unfair and I feel like that itself is a positive thing.”

After some members of the public were informed that the protest was a stunt, they commented: “There are obviously people willing to stand up against fascism and hatred – all the people that came up to say that ‘you can’t protest’ shows that someone has a bit of humanity in them, and if other people see this then it will inspire them to join in.”

You can view the social experiment here.