Over half of Cardiff students think consent classes should be compulsory

Although 45 per cent think it’s patronising

Universities across Britain have introduced consent classes, which aim to stamp out sexual assault on UK campuses.

These workshops discuss decision-making processes to avoid engaging in unwanted sexual relations. Students playing for sports teams have been targeted to attend these workshops, as universities aim to end ‘Lad Culture’.

993 Cardiff University undergrads partook in The Tab’s Sexual Assault survey. Results are shown below.


An empty compulsory consent class in Cambridge, early October

52 per cent of the surveyed students believed that consent classes should be compulsory for everyone on campus.

45 per cent of the people surveyed found the classes to be patronising.

Only 9 per cent of them had attended previous consent classes, which equals to approximately 89 people out of the 993.

The study also discovered 0 per cent of Cardiff students had walked out of a consent class, in contrast to other UK campuses where this was a regular occurrence.