Intrepid freshers ride dinghy to Cardiff Bay to avoid revision

The three hour journey might have been better spent hitting the books

First years Flo Pugh, Molly O’Connor, Millie Hubbard and Eva Konczak chose to travel to Cardiff Bay via dinghy in lieu of revising.

The Talybont South residents had previously agreed upon the adventure but none of them wanted to ‘splash’ the cash necessary to buy a boat.


They took procrastination to a whole new level

Fortunately one of the adventurer’s brothers, Bertie Pugh, had recently purchased a Voyager 500 dinghy for his post-GCSE holidaying and sent it up for use as “the ultimate beer float”.

Initial issues plagued the girls as they faced the rocky shallows of the River Taff, but the journey was mostly worry-free and allowed the group to arrive at the bay after three hours of plain sailing.

Harbour patrol told the group “you ladies have lost your minds”.


Loving life


During their Strongbow-fueled sailing, the group ran into trouble with harbour patrol for not wearing appropriate flotation devices, but were able to talk their way out of trouble.

Flo Pugh, who studies Music, said: “We always hang out in Pontcanna fields by the river next to Taly and we saw some people just chilling in a dingy and wondered how far we could get. So we just looked it up on google maps and gave it a go and it actually worked!”

The first year added: “Thought it would be jokes to get all the way to the bay in a dingy, tie it up, get a cheeky nandos, and then go home.”

Below is a video account of the day’s event: