ASSL 24/7 pilot has been passed

The scheme has been test run since January 2016

Cardiff University have announced the ASSL will permanently be open twenty-four hours a day.

According to a recent survey, 71% of students said that 24/7 and extended opening hours would improve library services.

Squinting into the sun after a successful all nighter

Squinting into the sun after a successful all nighter

The scheme, championed by current VP Education Sophie Timbers, President Claire Blakeway, VP Postgraduate Katie Kelly and VP Heath Park Katey Beggan, launched its pilot in January to rousing success and will continue for the immediate future.

Other libraries that have passed the 24/7 pilot are: Health Library, Julian Hodge Study Centre, International lounge on 3rd floor of SU, and Trevithick libary’s computer room.

The SU ensures that VP Welfare Kate Delaney is prepared to handle any problems that should arise from students working into the early hours of the morning.