Red Bull ‘Can You Make It?’ – an interview with Cardiff’s Naughty Nomads

They travelled over 2400 kilometres using only Red Bull as currency

When Issy Michelson, Emily Ballin and Flo Pugh met on a trip to Les Deux Alpes, they never imagined that an impromptu friendship on the mountains would later send them through six countries, doing everything from milking cows to rowing across Lake Bled or playing ice hockey in Munich’s Olympic Stadium; yet, thanks to Red Bull’s ‘Can You Make It?’ challenge, that’s exactly what happened.

The Naughty Nomads + 3, Paris, France.

In Paris

Speaking to The Tab, Issy tells us “Highlights included captaining a gondola in Venice, getting a massage from Stella McCartney’s masseuse, trading Red Bull for a caricature of ourselves in front of the Eiffel Tower and a free ski trip, but the best part was meeting so many incredible and friendly people.

“Because we could only use Red Bull as currency, most teams ended up sleeping rough at least one night of the trip, but we were lucky enough to find somewhere to stay every night of the competition.

“It really changed our perspective on humanity to see how kind and charitable everyone is, and to see just how much a can of Red Bull will buy you!”

The team, starting in Prague, traveled through the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and Germany, eventually reaching their finish line in Paris with a day to spare. They traded 73 cans of Red Bull for accommodation, food and other services on their journey, and ‘team liability’ Issy confirmed that the adventure was the best week of their life.