BPOC: DJ Smudge

He’s cuddly and snuggly

Some of us have to say goodbye to our furry loved ones when we come back to uni, However, there are those of us who bring them here to Cardiff.

Meet Smudge, the happiest little hamster in the world and eighth housemate of 40 Coburn Street.

Name: Smudge


Age: He is 7 months old isn (He arrived on Valentine’s Day)

Where is he from?: Originally Syria but most recently from Pets at Home

Past-times: His favorite thing to do is to run on top of his wheel, because he is too fat to run inside it

Getting ripped for summer, back when he could run

Favourite food: Hamster Munchies

Worst habits: Pooing in his house, then throwing it out of the window


Cheeky confession: When it is nightime, and nobody is awake he gets his sass on, and boogies to I’m Every Woman