The alternative guide to a week out in Cardiff

Settle down Freshers, you don’t own the place yet

By this time most of you will feel like you know every night out in Cardiff like the back of your academic diary. You couldn’t be more wrong. This is a guide to open your eyes to the lesser known club night gems that Cardiff has to offer.


Fed up of the lack of memories that Tiger Tiger brings every Tuesday morning? Head on down to Bump and Grind at Undertone for some sweet sweet 90’s/00’s Hip Hop and RnB. Let’s be honest, you haven’t had a good night unless you’ve had Ignition sang back at you by all your drunk mates.

Sing it loud and clear

Sing it loud and clear


Tuesdays are dominated by SYNC at Revs, however if you like being able to find your friends in a club and don’t want to have to stare into mirrors everywhere you turn then walk down the road to Mill Street and try out Cartel at Soda Bar. Cheap drinks with friends where you can’t see yourself dribbling onto the floor.


Show me a student that doesn’t love rock-paper-scissors. Peppermint offers drinkers the chance to double your round FOR FREE. All you have to do is beat the bar in a simple game of rock paper scissors. It’s advised that you read up on the rules (see here for James May’s hints and tips from 11:45) so that you enjoy the night to the complete maximum.


Thursday is the new Friday. This is easily one of the biggest nights of the week, with Buffalo Bar hosting Signature every Thursday. With nationally renowned DJs playing regularly throughout the year on the intimate top floor of the club, there is no escaping the serious house tunes that allow you to party hard into the night.

Buffalo's infamous neon sign doesn't please everyone (slightly edited)...

Buffalo’s infamous neon sign doesn’t please everyone (slightly edited)…


Womp at The Moon Club, boasts music spanning most genres in a mash-up style. Top that with a reggae room and free entry before midnight and you’re guaranteed a great night.


Everyone knows Saturday night is large in Cardiff, but if you’ve had enough of queuing for hours to get into Glam then try Missoula on St. Mary’s Street for a change. Advertised as a bar that specialises in cocktails, Saturday nights do not disappoint, with all  cocktail pitchers priced at £6.95. That’s a lot of alcoholic units for those who aren’t sure.


Feel like Sunday is a day for rest? Wrong. The Ladybird offers free entry all night and with reasonably priced drinks flowing all night long there is only really one way to end the week.