Freshers: the current intake might just be the worst yet

Rapey boys, loudmouth girls and mindless destruction are the tip of the iceberg

Are the first years bright eyed, eager and excited youngsters or annoying up-themselves brats?

Stupid question, obviously they’re up-themselves brats.

Brats: Evil freshers taking a break from being irritating

Brats: Evil freshers corralled into one place to keep them away from the rest of us

This past few weeks I have had to deal with fresher boys hounding me into a corner, being sweared at by common first year girls and freshers crashing a house party and smashing bottles ‘for fun’.

But is this a bit like school, where you always felt the years below were more irritating and more childish than you were at their age?

I think here we may have a case of ‘old person’ syndrome. A case of ‘you kids get off my lawn!’ screamed by the old man down the road.

As we get older we all feel we are better, we know more, and we’ve dealt with more than someone younger than us- but is this really true?

'Get off my lawn': This year's freshers have plumbed new depths of obnxiousness

‘Get off my lawn’: This year’s freshers have plumbed new depths of obnxiousness

Call me an old man, but I still believe that the freshers this year are far worse and more childish than ever before.

Maybe I’ve just ended up meeting the wrong ones, but probably not.