Decoding the Welsh

Elin helps out the English with some common Welsh sayings explained…

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Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. It’s no wonder that there are so many Welsh people wandering around, speaking in tongues. There are some who consider themselves “proper welsh” and take to speaking in the native celtic language. Others have modified the English language and created words of their own. Some of us Welshies do a bit of both.

It’s about time some of the most Welsh sayings are translated for you. This can be used to help get you out of some of the stickiest of situations; where you are caught nodding repeatedly at words you simply do not understand.


“I’ll be there in a minute now”

 Yes, we understand that it is impossible to be somewhere in a minute and also now, but it means we will try to be there now but it will probably be in a minute. Just go with it.


“I am creased”

No it is not something sexual. It means that we have found what you are saying absolutely hilarious.


“That is buzzing!”

 This is not meant in a good way. It is used to describe disgusting things like your friend’s fart on hangover day, or the mould growing out of your wardrobe.


“Like, ini?”

 Yes we sound a bit retarded and short of any proper vocabulary, but we often say this at the end of a sentence when we are looking for a reaction. So give it to us yeah? Or just nod along.


“I want a cwtch!”

 Again, this is not sexual. It does not mean ‘I want some sex’. It is a cute word used for a cuddle. But not just any cuddle, a big snuggly one.


“I do tend to spew”

 When I said this in my strong Welsh accent to my housemate in first year she thought I was saying ‘spill’. She said, ‘Yeah yeah I spill my drinks too’ and I politely replied, ‘no, no, I mean spew.. I spew after alcohol’. I had to explain this whilst doing a vomming motion with my hands and mouth, then we finally got somewhere.


“You are lush”

 This only sounds effective if it is said in a Welsh accent. It means you are bloody hot, amazing, LUSH.


“I want some maldod” 

The English definition does not give it enough justice. It means love, attention, human contact, food… just everything you want on a hangover day really.


“I am tamping

Just think of the word ‘stamping’. You stamp when you’re angry right?


“I am knobbling” 

This is used a lot when you live in Cardiff, and again it has no sexual connotations. It means that we are absolutely freezing.


This should, with any luck,  clear a few things up. But if all else fails, just nod and swiftly change the subject.