Higher fees, higher expectations

81% of surveyed university students believe they should be provided with textbooks for free as part of their tuition fees.

In a study of 1,652 UK students by NUS and CourseSmart most students felt books should be provided for them while studying at uni. The survey also looked at student’s university expectations as well as online course material.


The study highlights the increasing use of technology in our studies. 77% said they predominantly use their online devices, such as laptops and smartphones, for academic purposes. 95% of those surveyed said they use their devices for course-related reading.


With further advancement of technology surely these numbers are set to expand. Yet traditional print forms are seemingly as popular as ever.


As tuition fees rise institutions must adapt to student needs, Rachel Wenstone, NUS Vice President of Higher Education said:

“We need to change how courses are taught to meet the needs of the 21st Century student. Technology provides a good, accessible way of learning. This must be balanced with the need for high-quality course content and traditional delivery in order to provide a high-quality student learning experience.”



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