Fashion Bitch

Watch out, The Tab’s FASHION BITCH is always about. Here’s her first outburst…

Freshers’ Week can bring out the very best and the bloody worst in people’s outfit choices. Whether it’s because they’re too drunk or too exhausted to make rational decisions or it might just be down to stupidity. I’ve seen some sights. Good and bad… Here’s my week of mingling with the FRESHAAARS!

He looked cute. I liked him.

OCEANA – ‘Less is more’ doesn’t exactly work here babe

Leopard print leggings? Are you actually joking me? I mean, please!

These girls all looked cute & quirky

The blue tracksuit… I mean, really? Why does this guy even OWN it?

If you spot anyone looking utterly terrible and you think I should know about it, take a snap and mail it to [email protected] or you can tweet @TheTabCardiff.