Six ways to spend Galentine’s in Cambridge

Because who wouldn’t want to spend Valentine’s with their friends anyway?

It’s that time of the year again, the season of love. If you’re feeling low during Valentine’s this year, just remember the wise words of Hugh Grant, “love actually is all around.”

Here are eight ways to spend Galentine’s this year! Also, PSA, Galentine’s is apparently meant to be celebrated on 13th February (according to Google).

So, singletons, let’s begin!

Go out to eat

I know, it seems overdone, but what better way to enjoy quality time with mates than sharing a meal together?

Lots of restaurants have deals this time of year, for example, Bill’s Restaurant in Cambridge is running a special Valentine’s Day offer of two courses plus a cocktail for £29.95, or if you’d rather eat in and are looking for something cheaper, check out Sainsbury’s Valentine’s Day dine-in-for-two meal deal.

Either or, sharing the love over a meal is a great way to spend the evening!

So much fun (Image credits: Emily McDonagh)

College propose

Love is in the air! If you haven’t college-proposed yet, or haven’t been proposed to, how about organising a romantic proposal between some college friends?

Go all out with a public display of affection, or opt for a more intimate private wedding. The choice is yours. But just remember, this is a marriage, so make sure that you really want to spend the rest of your life with that special someone, you know, “till death us do part” and all that.

Perhaps write a beautiful sonnet expressing your strong platonic love for them, ask the DJ at one of the very few Cambridge clubs to announce your engagement, or maybe simply take them out for dinner. The opportunities are endless.

Cry together about your crippling fear of being alone forever


Just joking about this one, promise!

We all have low points sometimes (Image credits: Facebook @2 Cam 2 Fess)

Shopping spree!

What better way to forget about all your single troubles, than with some nice retail therapy? Get that hit of dopamine and feel immediately better about yourself! What’s so bad about instant gratification?

In all seriousness, check out the vintage and charity shops around Mill Road, and The Grafton centre for some absolute steals.

The Serpentine Swap second-hand shop (Image credits: Anna Milsom)

Go punting

The Cambridge classic, not much more needs to be said.

This activity can be just as thrilling at night time too (Image credits: Caleb Marlow)

Flower market

Buying flowers certainly shouldn’t just be reserved for couples this time of year. Head to Market Square and check out the lovely flower stalls.

Image credits: Caleb Marlow

As you hand over some flowers to a friend as a token of your platonic affection, try reciting this poem, it’s had 10/10 feedback so far:

“Roses are red, violets are blue,

“I’m alone this Valentine’s, and so are you.”

Look how happy she is! (Image credits: Emily McDonagh)

Feature image credits: Emily McDonagh

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