How to microwave the perfect Bridgemas dinner

All I want for Bridgemas is…… FOOD!!!!!

It’s that time of year again! Bridgemas is right around the corner, and you (yes you) need to start planning a Bridgemas feast with your flat – those sprouts won’t microwave themselves! Because we all know you ain’t gonna be roasting them, honey, you ain’t got an oven. So here are my top tips for ‘cooking’ the best Bridgemas dinner a gyp can make.

Shear joy at the fabulousness of a well-made Bridegmas feast (Image credits: Keira Quirk)


‘Baked’ camembert

The first starter on the list is so Bridgemas-appropriate, it even has the name ‘Cam’ in it! Baked camembert is a classic for the holiday season (or, as I call it, the season of cheese), and controversially doesn’t require baking! Whack a camembert in the microwave for a minute (until it melts), stick it on an *aesthetic* wooden chopping board, surround it with pieces of the best bread the market has to offer, and boom – you’ve got yourself a Bridgemas appetiser!

Smoked salmon with beetroot & vodka crème fraîche

If you’ve somehow found yourself without even a microwave in your accommodation, do not despair, ‘peace and good will to all mankind’ applies to you as well – in the form of fish and alcohol! Find the recipe here!

Butter-fried sprouts with crispy shallots & almonds

For those of you lucky enough to be blessed with a hob, congratulations – you can fry things!! Why not try out this recipe? It’s super simple but is guaranteed to impress all your friends.

The Main

Turkey and Gammon

While roasting is completely out of the question, there are still ways to enjoy the classic centrepiece of a Christmas dinner at Bridgemas. Mainsbury’s sells cuts of meat that you can pan fry, ideal for all you hob-owners. For those of you without, why not take a more rustic approach? Grab yourself some pre-cooked turkey slices and make a seasonal sandwich even Pret would be jealous of, or keep it as is and pour over some gravy (made from granules of course)!

Image credits: Keira Quirk


Luckily for all you taters-lovers out there, Sainsbury’s stocks all the varieties of pre-cooked mashed potatoes you could possibly want! All you need to do is heat it up and it’ll be ready to go. There’s always instant mash as well!


Mainsbury’s once again comes to the rescue with their Microwavable Green Vegetable Selection, which even comes with mint butter for flavour, perfect for a quick and easy Bridgemas solution.

Parsnips can be easily cooked on the hob, and simply can’t be missed out of Bridgemas dinner! Check out this recipe to make them with a spicy twist.

Brocolli is another great one for the hob and is perfect tossed in some chilli flakes for an extra kick.

Yorkshire Puddings

I had to save the best until last because we all know yorkshires are the very best part of a festive meal (if you disagree, you’re just offended they didn’t call them ‘Winchester Puddings,’ you dirty southerner). While they won’t be quite as good, you can heat them in the microwave instead of the oven. Grab a bag of frozen ‘Aunt Bessie’s,’ put them in the microwave upside-down on oven-proof paper, and blast them with high power for 30-45 seconds. Don’t leave them in any longer, unless you want them to get rubbery!

Image credits: Keira Quirk


Christmas Pudding

No Bridgemas feast would be complete without a Christmas Pudding, which is completely microwavable! The one at Tescos is 800g, serving eight (or one – why not?).


If Christmas Pudding isn’t quite to your tastes, trifle is another classic, which is perfect for us students considering it’s served cold! My college wife strongly recommends pouring an entire bottle of sherry over your trifle, apparently, it’s the reason her great-grandmother lived to 100!

And with Bridgemas falling on a Friday, why not top the whole event off with a healthy serving of mulled wine?

Feature image credits: Keira Quirk

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