Culture Trip week seven: The end is in sight

Recommendations for nearly-the-end-of-term rejuvenation

Week six is finally over, it’s not quite Bridgemas yet, and everyone is shattered. Now that you’ve met (some of) those essay deadlines, it’s time to rejuvenate with the feel-good media of your choosing. These are my top picks to help you survive as we get to the end of Michaelmas.

Film – Living

Image credit: via YouTube

My guilty pleasure is the cinema. I’ve been in Cambridge for less than two months and I’ve already gone six times. I have no regrets (or money left in my account). A highlight for me this last week, and a film that certainly fits the theme of revitalising your post-week-five life, was ‘Living’.

Starring Bill Nighy (Love Actually) and Aimee Lou Wood (Sex Education), ‘Living’ is ironically about a man who’s dying. He decides to live his life to the full before time runs out, and to leave behind something special. It’s heart-warming/heart-breaking, and has some absolutely superb film work. Seriously, every screencap is a piece of art.

It’s playing in the Picturehouse all this week, and would make for a great evening! Bring a friend (and tissues).

Book – Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Casual, not at all staged post-lecture reading of Frankenstein (Photo credits: Noor Kakzi)

Sticking to the theme of living, this week’s book recommendation is the tried and tested ‘Frankenstein’. Halloween is only over if you say it is.

From its famous conception at Lake Geneva, to its long legacy as the (possible) first-ever science fiction novel, it has become a veritable classic. And for good reason. Frankenstein (the doctor, not the monster, FYI) makes us question what it really means to be alive, which is something I think we’re all contemplating right now.

Brush off that old copy of Frankenstein this week and bring your reading back to life. It’s what Mary Shelley would have wanted.

TV – The Crown Season 5

The revenge dress! image credits: via Netflix

Admittedly, I haven’t had that much time for TV series this first term. After quickly asking around my flat, it seems like I’m not the only one. That being said, the new season of The Crown dropped this week, and with only ten episodes, I’ll have to find time to binge it between lectures.

Whether you’re a royal family lover, hater, or merely tolerater, The Crown just doesn’t disappoint. With a star-studded cast, questionable historical accuracy, and Princess Diana, what’s not to love?

Album – ABBA’s Super Trouper

image credits: via Spotify

Gimme gimme gimme bedtime before midnight. Please.

It is time to feel good about life again. Take a break, put on some music, and just relax. Universally loved, nothing picks me up quite like this 70s Swedish supergroup. With most of your work for the term (hopefully) complete, the only thing you need to power through these last couple of weeks is Abba. And an energy drink, probably.

Whether it’s Abba Gold, or the Mama Mia soundtracks, do yourself a favour and listen to some Abba this week. You deserve it.

Playlist – ‘songs for when you’re homesick’

image credit: via Spotify

Fun, folksy, feel good, this playlist has been keeping me going over the last few days, especially on the daily walks from King’s Parade to my lovely hill college. The hill does not get better over time (that is a myth), but the music really makes or breaks the trip.

If homesickness is creeping in, remember there are only two weeks of term left till you’re back in your bed. This playlist is super long with a big mix of stuff, from Bon Iver to Miley Cyrus, so there’s probably something on here that will make you feel nostalgic.

That’s it for this week! Take care of yourself and remember the end of term is in sight. 

Feature image credit: Lottie Wood

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