Gaia Mondadori: Filming, Cambridge Theatre and the Edinburgh Fringe

We sat down with Gaia ahead of her performance at the Edinburgh Fringe

Gaia Mondadori is an actress and an Education, English and Drama student at The University of Cambridge. She’s appeared in The Witcher on Netflix and Everything I Know About Love.

We spoke to her about how she balances it all with a degree at Cambridge – especially when she’s been so active in the student theatre scene as well!

Filming professionally

We asked Gaia what her favourite experiences so far has been, and she answered enthusiastically that it was working on Everything I know About Love. Gaia worked on set alongside actresses she’s “looked upto for a long time” and was thrilled that everyone was “fun and kind” to be around. 

But it doesn’t end there! Gaia’s also been working on filming for Red, White and Royal Blue. It’s been a busy summer for her, but she says that she’s been “lucky” that so far most of her professional opportunities have fallen outside of term time.

The Edinburgh Fringe

She’s taking her one-woman show “Fake It Till You Make It” to the Edinburgh Fringe this year and is definitely both “excited and nervous.” It’s the first time she’s exploring a comedic avenue (the play is a dark comedy), and the first time she’s presenting a one-woman show! It’s been a real challenge “in a great way” to adjust to this new format of storytelling.

Image credits: Gaia Mondadori

Gaia says a highlight of the experience so far has been working with her all-woman production team. She’s now excited to show her work to those outside her team, and perform without the safety net of a rehearsal.

Since we first spoke to Gaia, her play has also been confirmed to be shown in London. “Fake it Till You Make It” will be at the Camden People’s Theatre from 28th-30th October.

Theatre life at Cambridge

While roles at the beginning of someone’s career aren’t always very “dynamic”, Gaia’s found her creative home in the Cambridge theatre scene.

Gaia’s been involved in many productions at Cambridge as an actor and writer. She loves that everyone in student theatre is there for the experiences, and has made many of her friends at playhouses.

So far, most of Gaia’s work at Cambridge have done really well. Her play “Chaos” in Lent term was particularly well-reviewed.

However, Gaia says that the reviews aren’t what give her satisfaction at the end of a project. It’s a good marker by which to be proud of the team, but she measures success overall by how everyone feels.

“If it feels like everyone’s done their best and enjoyed it” and the production’s been completed with “lightness and passion,” Gaia counts it as a win.

What can be challenging about the Cambridge theatre scene is the general feeling of being “run-down” that can appear halfway through a production. Just like any other student, Gaia considers Lem-Sip and sleep her best friends while working on a show, and maybe a quick trip to the Maypole as well.

Some of Gaia’s other Cambridge favourites include eating at Bread & Meat, rollerblading in the tennis courts in the evening with friends and grabbing some honeycomb ice cream from Jack’s!

Feature image credits: Gaia Mondadori 

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