Culture Trip Week Four: Summer Will Come

The last recommendations before exams!

As I sit in the library right now with my work laid out in front of me, my mind is half blank – but also half full of potential summer memories and ideas. The days of meticulous planning for each exciting summer trip is just round the corner – right past the looming hurdle of exams.  But the term is seemingly speeding up and, before you know it, you will be sitting by the river at Granchester, passing the time under clear blue skies until you have to prep for the next May Ball.

Wanting time to pass quickly enough to reach May week, yet slowly enough for spare revision time, is annoyingly oxymoronic (oxymoronic being the fanciest word I know as a STEM student). Despite the much-needed library sessions at this point though, I would still advise taking a night off or two. For example, a few days ago I was kicked out a bowling alley for knocking the pins over myself. I have to say, the lack of a recent social event can bring out a dangerous tendency to perform the ridiculous. So do not let your need for socialising reach critical levels!

Moving on – here are my last recommendations before the final grind.

Movie – Point Break or Point Break 

An absolute classic, Point Break (1991) is a flawless movie that features both Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze in their 90’s prime. It documents the story of FBI agent Johnny Utah, who infiltrates a group of surfers to investigate a series of robberies. As his real and undercover personalities blend into one, his alliances blur and his morality becomes murky. Featuring the best on-foot chase scene in cinema hands down, this fast-paced, twist-filled watch will have you glued till the very end. This movie will bring out a passion for surfing you never knew you had.

Image Credits: Carlos Manich via Unsplash

On the other hand, Point Break (2015) is a modernised version that seems to be an excuse to pack as many extreme sports as possible into one movie. Despite lacking a cohesive plot, the stunts and action scenes are incredible. These range from snowboarding down an unridden cliff trail, to wing suit flying 5 aside through a ravine, to climbing Angel Falls (from the movie Up, obviously) without any safety equipment. Clearly, these are all very achievable aims for your summer. 

TV Show – HSMTMTS (High School Musical: The Musical: The Series)

Do not dismiss this series. In spite of the name, this is actually a mockumentary, very much like a ‘The Office’-style show. It follows a group of high school students who attend the same school as where the original HSM was set in, and they put on their own theatre production: High School Musical… the Musical. Inevitably, drama ensues amongst casting and rehearsals, accompanied by meta jokes, and cameos from the original movies. Being the series which launched both Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett’s careers, the original songs, written and performed by the cast, are actually amazing. Though I usually hide it, my HSMTMTS playlist is regularly played (and sometimes cried to…).

I am surprised how much this made me laugh and cry (image credits: Michelle Crees screenshot via YouTube)

One year on from the tumultuous events of Ricky (Joshua Bassett) and Nini’s (Olivia Rodrigo) relationship, season two begins with East High putting on a whole new show: “Beauty and the Beast”. Much like the bitter rivalry between colleges, competition is fierce between East High and its rival school, North High. Season 3 will be picking up where the show left off, returning this summer on July 27th on Disney+. 

Album – Harry’s House by Harry Styles

I haven’t yet stopped playing it (image credits: Spotify home page screencap of Harry Styles’ Harry’s House cover)

It finally happened. Harry’s House is here and it’s amazing. (I totally didn’t cry when I played the first song in the library). Labelled as Harry’s “horniest album yet”, each song just radiates summer vibes, and it is the perfect background music for your wildest daydreams. While you’re crying on the floor, cramming for tests in your darkened room, Late Night Talking will whisk you away into a magical night out in the city, or, if you prefer to pretend you’re living out your South of France beach escapades, Daydreaming would be far more fitting. The raw instrumentation, mixed with an 80’s feel, is ideally balanced, especially in my favourite song of the album: Music for a Sushi Restaurant. And a warning for the song Matilda: it has made everyone I know cry so far.

Book – Your own lecture notes

A personal note-to-self: stop searching up movie trailers as “research”, and do some real work.

Video – Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator 

Extremely useful and scientific (image credits: Michelle Crees screenshot via YouTube)

Watch this to both simultaneously justify and explain your procrastination whilst procrastinating your work to watch it. Come on, it’s a TedTalk,  so it’s educational, right?

Feature image credits: Flickr via Creative Commons

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