Tab Tries: Crosstown doughnuts!

As the wise world of TikTok once said: ‘treat yourself’

It’s fair to say that Saturday morning was a low point in term for us. It was when week 5 melded with week 6 and the end of term seemed nowhere near in sight.

So we were delighted when given the opportunity to try an array of doughnuts and coffee at the newly opened Crosstown doughnuts venue (as you can probably tell by the excited facial expression!).

Known for creating the world’s first sourdough doughnuts, which are a bit less sweet than traditional doughnuts, this is the first location that Crosstown have opened outside of London. As well as serving doughnuts, they have a range of cookies, icecreams and coffee on sale and are also offering a 20% discount for students!

So without further ado let’s get on with the review!

The Doughnuts


We started off with the most unusual on offer- a doughnut cake. Though you might expect a cake doughnut to be too sweet, it was well balanced, with a line of piped buttercream inside (see Rosie looking very happy).

Plus, look at that pretty colour! Sadly, this one’s not vegan, but if you do partake in it you’ll feel like you’re at a mad hatter tea party.

Ratings: Rosie 10/10, Poppy 6.5/10

Look at that happy face!

Dark chocolate truffle (vegan): 

This one was a vegan treat. The Crosstown vegan dough is amazing (and better than regular doughnuts dough in Poppy’s opinion). Made with chia seeds, it’s soft, moist and not too sweet!

This doughnut was serving chocolate brioche, mixed with your favourite selection of Christmas chocolates-  all in one tasty bite. We also heard that it’s the favourite of many staff members.

Ratings: Rosie: 6/10, Poppy 10/10


For all jam lovers out there we have found your kryptonite. The jam is made especially by Crosstown, and she’s giving you fresh fruity goodness that will put a happy smile on your face (see picture below). For Rosie, it was slightly a bit too sweet, but Poppy loved it.

Ratings: Rosie 7/10, Poppy 9/10



The cinnamon doughnut comes in both vegan and non-vegan options! We tried the non-vegan version, and it was a delicious buttery (perhaps too buttery for some) creamy dough that melted in your mouth.

Ratings: Rosie 7 /10, Poppy  7/10

Pumpkin (vegan):

The pumpkin doughnut is Crosstown’s seasonal doughnut, so be quick to try it before it goes! It was definitely a favourite for both of us!

It is nutty (courtesy of pumpkin seeds on top), sweet, and slightly herby, and all these flavours together to create a well-balanced flavour. It’s definitely not your classic doughnut- it’s far superior! Plus, bonus points for being vegan!

Ratings: Rosie 9/10, Poppy 10/10

An *aesthetic* doughnut experience

Vietnamese Coffee:

Now, this doughnut was an interesting one and neither of us had ever tried something like it before. With a condensed milk coffee filling, it had the taste of caramel and coffee without quite belonging to either camp. This flavour was balanced by the cashews sprinkled on top. Personally, we found the flavours a bit of a strange mix, however, it’s definitely one that you need to try yourselves!

Rating: Rosie 4/10, Poppy 5/10

Whilst they don’t have any gluten-free doughnuts at the moment, they did tell us that options are currently being explored.

The Coffees:


Having eaten our fill of sugary goodness, we could not help but say yes to a coffee when kindly asked by James the marketing manager. It certainly did not disappoint.

For Poppy, this was the best americano she’s ever had (and she’s had many a coffee in her lifetime). Not only was there a swirling dark cream on the surface, but it also tasted rich and dark. Definitely, a place to show off your coffee connoisseurship to your parents when they come to visit.

What a pretty pair

Chia Oat Latte:

Rosie, because coffee makes her shaky,  is one of those poor Cambridge students who suffer through her workload without it. But this Chia Latte was it worth it.

It was nutty, oaty (thanks oat milk), and has a minty, refreshing kick that would definitely help wake you up. The slight downside is that the mugs aren’t that large, so you might not be able to spend an entire morning drinking one cup!

The cookie

Crosstown is not only a connoisseur in doughnut baked goods but also cookies and we were lucky enough to try out a chocolate chip cookie. The cookie was soft, nutty, chewy and crunchy. The cookie dough, though slightly bland, was a great backdrop for the quality chocolate. It was even better dipped in coffee.

Ratings: Poppy: 8/10, Rosie: 7:10

There’s no way to spice up your week six by having so much sugar and caffeine that you’re bouncing around like a five-year-old (as Poppy found out as she went rowing after this treat).

Though some of the prices might be a little out of a student budget (most doughnuts are around the £4.00- £4.50 mark). With an added 20% from the student discount, we can tell you they’re well worth the try.

In the world of doughnuts, these are ones that you need to taste. 

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