63 Toope memes in celebration of Stephen Toope’s 63rd birthday

We dug DEEP into the Camfess archives for this one

Turns out Valentine’s day is the second most important occasion that takes place on 14th February because according to Wikipedia, it’s Stephen Toope’s 63rd birthday!

To think that a year ago today few of us would have even heard of Toope is honestly such a shock given the ENDLESS memes we’ve made about him over the course of the pandemic. Besides doing Camfess bingos (yep, that was a weird phase, wasn’t it?), making Toope memes was probably the only thing that kept us going over that woeful easter term when the legendary email updates began.

And the memes still haven’t stopped. There’s no better time to look back at the many faces of Toope than the day that he celebrates reaching another birthday, and we celebrate Valentine’s day knowing that our Vice-Chancellor is the only man who ever loved us right.

After all, these memes will almost certainly become cultural artifacts when this whole ugly coronavirus business is over.

1. Chipmunk Toope 

2. Personal cheerleader Toope 


3. Crimson Toope 

4. Red with rage Toope 

5. #Relatable Toope

6. Toope hot to handle

7. Buzz light-Toope

8. Feed me Toope

9. Shield me Toope 

10. Jealous Toope

11. Toupee Toope

12. Toope gear

13. Hula Toope

14. Toope Trumps

15. Toope fast Toope furious


16. Super Tooper

17. Lights are gonna blind me


18. But I won’t feel Bublé

19. Bradley Tooper

20. Storm Tooper 

21. Storm Tooper: The academic rigour strikes back

22. Storm Tooper: Return of the Virgo

23. Spaghetti Toopes 


24. Be my boyfriend Toope

25. Free the school meals Toope

26. Spooky Toopy

27. Super Toope

28. Ariana Toope 

29. Top of the charts Toope 

30. Top of the tree Toope

31. Oop it’s Toope 

32. The people’s Toope

33. Four guys named Toope

34. Bernie Toope

35. Too much Toope 

36. Stephen Toon

37. Toope for Life

39. Under the Mistle-Toope

40. Daddy Toope (wholesome edition) 

41. Tekken Toope

42. Cup a Toope

43. Super-visor Toope

44. Comfort food Toope

45. Movie star Toope


46. Even bigger movie star Toope

47. My movie career fell off a bit Toope 

48. Toopy fruity

49. Eco-Toope

50. Toope on the rocks

51. The Toope that really cares

(Credit: Memebridge)

52. Toope starter pack

(Credit: @thecambridgetab on Instagram)

53. Toope under threat

(Credit: @thecambridgetab on Instagram)

54. Evil Toope 

55. Toope shop

56. Ninten-Toope


57. Swab me Toope

58. It’s Britney Toope 

59. Fluffy Toope


60. There’s a new Toope in town

61. Toope-blocked


62. Back to the crimson memes Toope

63. Grandaddy Toope > Daddy Toope 

That’s 63 memes all done! Big credits to Camfess for all the brilliant Toope content they’ve shared with us over the past year. All I can say is that I’m thoroughly impressed by the sheer volume and quality of these and hope that somewhere out there, our Vice-Chancellor sees how much we truly adore, admire and fetishise him.

Happy birthday, Toope!!!


All image credits to Camfess unless otherwise specified 

Cover image credit: Michael Cox via Unsplash, screenshots from Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons via Creative Commons Licence