Adapting to isolation: The Tab’s top picks of the best Netflix shows, Part 1

Bored at home and need some entertatinment?

For those who are self-isolating and need some entertainment, The Tab Cambridge has compiled a list of the best shows on Netflix right now. From animation to action-adventure, take your pick.

1. Lost in Space

Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure

Let’s begin with a remake of a classic show. It tells the story of a space family stranded on an unknown planet. They found themselves there, after an unexpected attack on a ship by an unknown entity. The quest to survive and find other humans becomes even more interesting as they discover more about the planet and discover a strange robot that seems to be of alien origin.

Length: 2 Seasons as of now


2. Drive to Survive

Genre: Motorsport

Delve behind the scenes of the Queen of motorsport – Formula 1. The camera crew takes you on a journey across the paddock to get even more familiar with the drivers and teams that we know and love. It is a chance to find out interesting facts and stories that go on behind the cameras of Sky Sports.

Length: 2 Seasons (One about 2018 season, one about 2019)


3. BoJack Horseman

Genre: Animation, Satire

Do not be put off by the quirky animation of the show. Despite the originally childish animation and a fairly lighthearted first season, the show gets very deep and thought-provoking in the later seasons. Join BoJack Horseman – a once-famous actor, who has long fallen from grace as he and his associates navigate the glamourous life of Hollywood and deal with personal struggles. The first season is not the best, but the show does go on to improve with all later seasons rated Golden on Rotten Tomatoes.

Length: 6 Seasons (Show Finished)


4. Sense8

Genre: Drama, Action, Adventure

Moving on, we have a series filmed by the Wachowskis (yes the ones famous for The Matrix). So naturally, the show has a distinctive feel to it. If you are looking for something different, this is it – the action thriller is sure to hit all the right spots for the adventure show seekers among you. The show begins with 8 random people all around the planet realising they are mentally connected and can even harness each other’s skills. But they soon find out they are being hunted by a shadow organisation.

This is a truly global project with filming being carried out around the world, resulting in some stunning visuals to add to the mix.

Length: 2 Seasons (with film length final episode)


5.  The Rain

Genre: Post-Apocalypse

In case a real pandemic is not enough, you can follow a fictional, albeit a lot more serious one. Telling a tale of a group of survivors after a virus has wiped out the majority of Scandinavia. The show works very well to create an eerie atmosphere and transfer the feeling of the survivors onto the viewer. Word of warning though – English dubbing is not the best, so I recommend to watch in Danish with subtitles on.

Length: 2 seasons (still going)


6. Good Girls

Genre: Crime Comedy

From the more lighthearted show, there is Good Girls. Some suburban mums find themselves short on money and bored with their boring monotonous. So they find a solution – getting involved in some shady business. They fall further and further down the rabbit hole, the stakes begin to increase, and some even start to doubt their involvement. In short – it is a big emotional roller coaster with some laughs among the way.

Length: 2 seasons


7. After Life

Genre: Black Comedy

After the death of his wife, Tony is struggling to find reasons to live. Yet he goes on with his life as a writer for a local newspaper. This show is easy to watch despite quite a dark plot. Ricky Gervais certainly delivers a good and believable performance, which makes Tony’s character engaging. If you want to watch a less exciting, grounded show, this definitely deserves a spot on your To Watch list.

Length: 1 season (another one on the way)


8. Altered Carbon

Genre: Cyberpunk

Takeshi Kovacs awakes to find himself in a different body. This is, however common for the world he lives in where the so-called “sleeves” hold little value. It is the stack that contains all the memories and experiences of people, so the meaning of death has changed, especially for the rich. As he goes on to solve a mysterious murder, he needs to face some demons from the past.

Length: 2 seasons


Image Credit: Pixabay/Instagram