Apply now to join The Tab Cambridge’s (probably remote-working) team for Easter 2020

You can be a columnist or section editor


In these difficult times, it’s more important than ever to remain connected with others and to know what’s happening. With the uncertainty surrounding Easter Term, we’ve had to reconsider how we approach another term of student journalism.

Although it seems likely that team meetings will now happen online, we still have a tonne of positions open (many will have multiple editors in the role). Please remember that you don’t need to be an editor to write for us – we have a writers group for commissions and you can always message the Facebook page (or the editors, Max Leadbetter and Claudia Rowan) with article ideas.

For students currently abroad, or back at home in locations around the country, this is a great opportunity to continue engaging with Cambridge University life, and to contribute to an understanding of this uncertain period.

The Tab Cambridge has received over 183,000 page views this month alone, and 1.6 million in the past year. Joining our team gives you the chance to inform and shape the opinions of Cambridge students, in a style they want to read.

The Tab offers opportunities for your articles to be read nationally, room for progression, a lovely team, and a platform for you to try out writing. Even if you’ve never tried out journalism before, we’d love to have you on board. We’re trying to recruit as diverse a team as possible in order to represent the many voices of the Cambridge student body.

You can also email [email protected] with any questions.

Apply here by 31st March 2020.

The positions:

News editors and news reporters

Breaking big stories is key to The Tab’s success and often these stories can reach the national press. Cambridge is a fast-paced environment, with lots of things happening – especially now, when new information about the current outbreak is emerging every day – and you can follow this remotely.

Opinions editors

Original and controversial – one of the most exciting roles. A chance to give your take on how the Uni is dealing with COVID-19, what’s next for students, and any other spicy thoughts.

Features editors

The most Tab of positions – quizzes, votes, profiles and challenges. This is the most read and most interactive section. There will be lots of interesting stories to write about next term.

Culture editors

The way we entertain ourselves may change significantly in the coming months. Cover art, music, literature – whatever you think deserves to be written about. 

Interviews editors

This is another important role that can be done digitally. You can chat with academics, students, and celebs (probably on Skype!) –Tab Cambridge writers have interviewed the likes of Emma Thompson, Hugo Rifkind, Sheck Wes, and even Katie Hopkins. 

Lifestyle editors

We’ll all need helpful, happy, funny lifestyle content to help us through this challenging time.

Social media manager

Run The Tab Cambridge’s Instagram and Twitter! Meme knowledge required. Our Instagram has almost 4000 followers; Twitter has over 6000.


Write about whatever you want! We want your ideas and originality.

We really look forward to getting your applications <3 Lots of Tab love xx

Max Leadbetter and Claudia Rowan

Editors-In-Chief, The Tab Cambridge