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What’s on: Week Three

Fun things to try in Cam this week


1) Explore Cambridge’s colonial past and legacy

King’s College is hosting a series of events that investigate new research into the college’s colonial past. There will be workshops aimed at developing practical skills for partaking in anti-colonial and anti-racist activism, a really exciting opportunity. I also think the opportunity to meet activists involved in the project will be such a valuable experience. It will be fascinating to hear what they have to say about Cambridge’s colonial legacy and how it still shapes the university today.

The launch of the event series, “Traces of Empire: King’s College and its Colonial Legacies”, starts on Thursday 24th October 4-6pm in Keynes Hall, King’s College.


2) Build a Mexican Altar

I am particularly intrigued by this unique event at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. As part of Day of the Dead celebrations, the museum and Mexican Society are offering people the chance to build a Mexican style altar. This year, the Altar of the Dead, Camino a Mictlān, is inspired by last year’s Day of the Dead celebrations and is dedicated to migrants and minorities who have lost their lives in Mexico. I think I could learn a lot about Mexican culture and history from this event, and also be able to try my hand at something unique and creative.

“Altar of the Dead: Camino a Mictlān” will be held at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology on Friday 25th October 11-4pm, Saturday 26th 11-4pm and Sunday 27th 12-4pm.


3) Unravel the history of the LGBTQ+ Movement

This exciting event, hosted by Cambridge Festival of Ideas and Uprising – Stonewall at 50, seeks to explore how the memory of the Stonewall Uprising still informs LGBTQ+ attitudes and politics today. I’m interested in hearing LGBTQ+ activists discuss queer history and how its place in society has changed. We are so fortunate that Cambridge has such a strong and safe LGBTQ+ community, and I think it’s important to reflect on the people and history that led us to this point.

“The LGBTQ+ Movement After Stonewall” will take place at Pembroke College on Saturday 26th October 3-4.30pm.


4) Catch a movie at the Cambridge Film Festival

Thursday is the last day of Cambridge’s 39th Film Festival, featuring a constellation of films across countries and genres. The festival is being held across two locations; The Light Cinema and The Arts Picturehouse (you know, the one that you walk past on your way to Saturday Danger-Spoons), and the movies are being screened throughout the day. Don’t miss your chance to get your #culture whilst sitting back and relaxing with some popcorn!

‘Cambridge Film Festival’ at The Arts Picture House and The Light Cinema will finish on Thursday the 24th October


5) Go and see ‘The Convert’ at the ADC Theatre

One of the most intellectually challenging plays I have ever seen, The Convert asks its audience to sit up, listen and engage with such complex issues as religion, colonialization and race. The cast is stellar, and I laughed much more than I thought I would. If you want to see a play that does not coddle its audience, this production is right for you.

The Convert is running at the ADC until Sat 26 October. The play starts 7.45 and runs for just over 2 and ½ hours.


6) Have a cheeky FREE pint at one of Cambridge’s historic pubs

No, you haven’t read wrong. Below is a voucher for a free pint at many of the most atmospheric pubs in Cambridge. Until the end of the month you can follow in the footsteps of all the bohemians before you and discuss the great issues of the moment in a darkened pub with your scrounged alcohol. You can even throw in a visit to a play or a film if you want to be really classy. You’re welcome xoxo

Have an amazing week, wherever it takes you!