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CUSU emergency motion against Justice for Men and Boys

The motion “[opposes] the decision to allow J4MB to hold an event on departmental university premises”

CUSU have passed an emergency motion at the 13th May CUSU council against the men's rights activist group Justice for Men and Boys (J4MB), who are set to speak at Cambridge University's Allison Richard building on the 24th May.

The motion states that CUSU "support a university review of safeguarding policy re: room bookings by external organisations, and to oppose the decision to allow J4MB to hold an event on departmental university premises."

In their motion, CUSU notes that "actions carried out by J4MB, including but not limited to the generally misogynistic content of their material and message, their tactic of directly harassing individual feminists, and their publishing of posts targeting specific academics including some who teach and work in the Alison Richard Building" as well as "the targeted harassment experienced by multiple Cambridge students and staff members from the supporters of J4MB, many of whom have expressed their intent to attend the event on May 24th, the aforementioned event, and any event organised by J4MB held on departmental University premises, does in fact “pose a genuine risk to the welfare, health, or safety of members of the University”".

They resolve to "offer support for student and staff actions in protest of the J4MB event" and "mandate its elected officers to lobby the University to undertake a review – with student input – of its external events policy".

Justice for Men and Boys have received significant pushback from the wider university, with an open letter calling for Vice Chancellor Stephen Toope to cancel the event reaching over 300 signatures from academics and students alike.

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Header image: screenshot from the J4MB website.