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The Tab’s Top 11 dating app disasters

We asked, and you delivered (in an utterly spectacular fashion)

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As many of you may remember, back in the distant myths of time – we here at the Tab asked for your goriest, grimmest and most ghastly dating app messages. Well, now that this writer has finally finished (and probably failed) his coursework, it's well and truly time to show off just how horrendous horny strangers on the internet can be.

Such as:

1) This flexible and very fluid focused bit of fun

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2) This beautiful medley of the best booby backing messages???

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Tinder's the top place to talk about titties

3) An adorable assortment of ass appreciation posts ???

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"I want to eat you"is a personal fave

4) These smooth players and their slick af transitions

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What could be more romantic than a cheeky cock stroke?

5) Does shit and cum count as one of your five a day?

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Scrumptious bit of scatty scran ?

6) Who said romance is dead when these charming casanovas are about?

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7) These lovely lads who just want a good samaritan to help a dude out

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Can anyone lend a helping "hand"?

8) For context, the person getting these incredible puns had like ONE tennis picture on her tinder

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What makes these even better is the fact that some of them were sent in the daytime, whilst he was presumably sober-I'm not even mad, just impressed

9) Only at Oxbridge amirite

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Number two is a weird flex, but ok

10) These are some honourable mentions which just have this air of mystery about them and NEEDED including

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The best part about the bottom left one is the fact it wasn't even their birthday

11) And now, the final and most graphic, horrendous and twisted message in this circus of horrors, prepare yourself-it's pretty ugly:

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Hope you've enjoyed the absolute state of these messages, peace and love, and remember, all men are trash ???