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The Tab wants YOUR inappropriate dating app messages!

From Grindr dick pics, to bungled Bumble messages The Cambridge Tab wants YOU to give us the sordid details

Dating apps, love them or hate them, are an irremovable element of most people's lives. Some good can come of them, I've had a few nice tinder dates myself, but then we get the funky messages.

Whether it's a pixelated image of a 50 year old's crusty foreskin, the classic "without me? ;)" replies to you announcing you're doing something as mundane as having a wee or the epitome of dating app creepiness; someone tracking down your Insta and messaging you on that after you'd already swiped left, we've all had these creepy messages online.

And so, without further ado, The Cambridge Tab wants to see the worst of the worst. Send your screenshots, messages or paraphrased messages if you can remember a corker but can't find a copy of it to [email protected] and we'll collate the very best submissions into a lovely article xoxoxox

Have fun trawling through your scary texts!