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Arcsoc is Watching You, so dress to impress

Inspiration for what to wear to the waviest night out of term

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Forget your essay, drop your worksheet (is that what science people do?) – Cambridge's funkiest night out is coming up on 30th October, meaning it's time to make what you are wearing your number one priority. The theme du jour is "Arcsoc is Watching You"; a night based on the concepts of utopia and dystopia, with themed dress "obligatory". In classic Arcsoc fashion, this suggests little obvious in the way of what to wear. Fear not; this article has got you covered with inspiration for your potential outfit!

Utilitarianism/Military Inspired

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Craig Green A/W 2018, Urban Outfitters (£59), J W Anderson F/W 2018, Urban Outfitters (£72)

First up on my list of suggestions is to rock the trend of utilitarianism (and not of the Bentham, Mill or Stuart kind). Utilitarian and military-inspired clothing has been big on the runways for Autumn/Winter 2018, and has found its way onto the high-street too.

Luckily, military-esque clothing fits right in with the theme of utopia and dystopia! For the perfect utilitarian look, don some oversized cargo pants and chunky Doc Marten boots, or even a boiler suit (an easy one for the engineers). As a bonus, all of these clothes are supremely comfortable, leaving you free to dance to your heart's content!

Iconic Pop Culture

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Blade Runner (1982), A Clockwork Orange (1971), The Matrix (1999), The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)

Fictional utopias and dystopias have produced some iconic outfits and fashions. Movies such as Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange are rich with visual detail to draw upon for an outfit; dress in all white with a statement eye makeup to recreate the droogs, or go for the colour opposite and dress in all black to evoke The Matrix. For the more ostentatious and avant garde club-goer, why not channel the Capitol of The Hunger Games with a brightly coloured outfit and makeup to match? Potential is endless when looking at pop culture!


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Asos (£8), Topshop (£19), Editorial glitter eyeliner

Reflect (no pun intended) the theme of surveillance by wearing mirrored, metallic fabrics to simulate the flash of the cameras perpetually watching you in Arcsoc's dystopia. Some statement silver liner or glitter would also be a fabulous way to convey this idea!

In true Arcsoc spirit, you could even get crafty with some tinfoil to make yourself a metallic accessory – or a complete outfit if you're feeling brave. Alternatively, evoke the theme of surveillance and being watched by wearing any clothing with an eye motif, such as the gorgeous statement earrings above.


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Comme des Garçons Ready to Wear SS 2017, Ché Guevara, Delacroix La Liberté Guidant le People (1830), "Revolutionary" Red

In the spirit of the venue Rev's, why not build on the theme of revolution for your Arcsoc costume? Revolutionary upheaval goes hand in hand with the idea of utpoia and dystopia, and can too with your outfit by incorporating the colour red, a universal symbol for revolution; even a simple red lip is enough to convey this! Drawing on history is also a great reference point for your look; for instance, the French revolution calls for more reds, whites and blues, or perhaps even some tasteful ruffles. Maybe even rock a beret in homage to one of the most iconic revolutionaries of all, Ché Guevara?

Hopefully, this will have helped solve your outfit crisis. Use these ideas on Tuesday night to not only have Arcsoc watching you, but everyone else on the dance floor too!