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A Beginner’s Guide to Depop

AKA how to impress everyone else in the smoking area

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For those of us suffering with a crippling shopping addiction, there are few sites out there better than Depop to satiate our need for new clothes. Depop is a place to find unique and cool pieces at great prices, or as the kids call them, "wavy garms". However for the uninitiated, Depop can be a daunting environment, with many unsure how to get the best out of it and find those illusive bargains. Look no further than this guide to help you navigate Depop, so you too can dress to impress at Arcsoc or Grandma Groove.

Frequently check the app

Lucky enough for those of us who will use any excuse to put off doing work, the best way to catch a bargain on Depop is to check the app as much as you can. Frequently searching for brands or items that you are interested in will give you the opportunity to quickly catch new items that have been posted. Items can sell quite quickly on Depop, so the more you check the app the better chance you have of finding that one top you've been after for a good price.

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Does repeatedly refreshing the Urban Outfitters search on Depop count as a hobby?

Search smart

When you have a specific item in mind, searching smart will help you to uncover the hidden gems for sale on Depop. Try searching multiple times using different terms to describe what you are after, in order to maximise your chance of finding items others haven't come across. Using the old trick of searching with misspelt terms can also help you to find items that have been listed with spelling mistakes in their description, again helping you to find items others haven't been able to.

Use the discover feature

The discover feature is a great way to expand your horizons on Depop, as its function is purely to show you items similar to those you have liked or previously bought, meaning it will suggest items of your taste that you likely wouldn't have seen without it. Much like the endless void of Instagram discover, it is incredibly addictive to scroll down. Before you know it, you're an hour and three hundred jumpers deep into the feed. This is especially good for people that are interested in vintage items – the discover feature is super helpful in finding new stores and sellers you wouldn't have encountered otherwise! If you see an item that you like, it's also a good idea to click onto the store that is selling it and check out what else they have for sale – chances are you will have similar tastes!

Don't be afraid to haggle

Whilst it may feel scary or even just a bit rude to message and offer someone below the price they are selling an item for, this is totally fine within the etiquette of Depop! Most people are more than happy to knock a few pounds off of an item for you, or reduce the shipping cost – all you have to do is ask! Some people are also open to swaps, which is a good way to get rid of something in your own wardrobe to make room for your new find. Messaging back and forth with a seller will also help you to get good feedback, which is very handy when buying or selling other items!

Like items you are interested in

This may just be a personal preference of mine, but I find it super helpful to use my likes to keep tabs on all the items I have seen, as well as using it to compare prices on pieces I'm interested in. However, this isn't the only advantage of liking items – sellers will often message you after you have liked their item, with many of them offering to lower the price for you if you want to buy it!

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My likes also reveal the worrying amount of time I dedicate to looking at clothes I don't have the money to buy

Pay within the app

One piece of advice I would pass on to anyone using Depop, novice or not, would be to always pay within the app. Occasionally, people will ask you to pay outside of the app so as to avoid the selling fees imposed by Depop, often for a discount too. However, if anything should go awry, you have little chance of getting your money back. It's not worth losing the protection of the app for the sake of a few pounds!

Ultimately, Depop is a great place to buy clothes in a sustainable manner. Arguably, at its core what makes it so great is the thrill of finding that one thing you've been desperately hunting for.

Now dive off into cyberspace and go bag those Urban Outfitters velvet flares you've had your eye on.