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We asked you what your worst essay comments were

“No one cares about your introduction”

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Thought your supervisor has it out for you in particular? Been on the receiving end of a particularly harsh roast from your supervisor or has your supervisor even cast shade on you publicly in a supo?

You are not alone.

We asked students at Cambridge for some of their worst comments from their supervisors on their essays… prepare yourself.

"Failing to see the potential we saw in you at interview"

"Poorly structured and quite frankly irrelevant"

"I'm dumbfounded and none the wiser"

"What on earth??? You seem to not have grasped the basic concepts of Law"

"Are you crazy?"

"Your best point is just daft"

"a fairly disappointing performance. I wonder if this candidate has been revising enough or in the right way"

"Goodness me, you wouldn't last 2 hours in Rome"

"Quelle suprise, you've made another nonsensical conclusion"

"A true slog…but I've made it to the end of your essay"

"We did not win two World Wars for you to make such an unconvincing conclusion"

"…This has unfortunate Nazi connotations"

"Good lord!"

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Is it a sheep? A woodlouse? Who knows… he was "bored"

"O tempora! O mores!" (trans: Oh the times! Oh the morals!)

"I think you meant something very different…but I can't be sure anymore"

"Lousy understanding, even lousier execution"

"*tearing my hair*"

"Chaucer is turning in his grave"

"You'll have to leave as you just don't know enough for us to have a conversation"

"avoid words with Latin etymology in future…"

"Find another way to say this… it sounds like an illness"

"Aha! You thought you'd get away without doing the reading didn't you?"

"No one, least of all myself, cares about your introduction"

"Another misinterpretation…you nearly convinced me you had even just a vague understanding of the material"

"Decorative and bad"

"This is not the work of a Cambridge NatSci!"

"Write that in the exam and you may as well just put: Hi my name's Laura* and I'd like a 3rd please!"

"Sorry, but I just don't have time to mark your essay properly"

"You appear to have mastered the art of doing the bare minimum"