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We asked you what your worst essay comments were

“No one cares about your introduction”

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Baewatch: More places to find the love of your life

Sounds weirdly specific but OK.

How I underestimated week five

They don’t call them the blues for nothing

Imposter Syndrome? Here’s why it doesn’t matter

I don’t know about you, but I’ll never be a blue.

Cambridge Etiquette, the Freshers’ Edition: Back to sCool

Too cool for school

Slash supervisions or shrink the student body: Cambridge at breaking point says Vice-Chancellor

Cuts may mean Cambridge cannot go on as it is

How to survive a supervision hungover

Don’t you love a bit of academia after a night out?

A reading week would ruin Cambridge

CUSU Women’s campaign and CDE have bred and spawned a new hashtag monster, #endweek5blues.

5 Most Horrific Supervision Fears

“It’s just a supervision? What are you afraid of?” Well here are the five biggest things.

‘New Oxbridge’ Up And Already Under Fire

Celebrated academics have controversially founded a high-cost private uni offering Oxbridge-style humanities tuition. The Tab found that the idea isn’t too popular here.

Time to Embrace Group Supervisions

TOM WILLS on axing the awkward silences and mundane discussions as he welcomes the notion of group supervisions.

Save Our Supervisions

A report has recommended that Cambridge cut down on one-on-one supervisions and scrap underachieving MPhils in a bid to improve efficiency.

Confessions Of The Degraded: 1

DOUGLAS THOMSON gives the first in a three-part series about the reality of what it’s like to degrade.

Trinity Turfs Out Tutors

Undergraduates from across the University have been forced into exile by new supervision guidelines set by Trinity College.

It Just Doesn’t Float My Boat

MATT BURNS explains why rowing leaves him feeling empty.