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REVIEW: Robinson May Ball

Nothing suspicious about this really


Suspicion might have been the name, but unremarkable was probably a better description. There was nothing wrong with the May Ball, but nothing really spectacular about it either.

The theme was Suspicion – think Cluedo basically. Not the most original theme, given that it was pretty much the same theme as Fitz's last Winter Ball. In some areas the décor added a nice touch, with question marks projected onto the brick building. In other areas more could definitely been done better than sticking paper cut-outs of footprints and what looked like candlesticks.

In terms of what you would expect a May Ball to have, Robinson did deliver. There was no worry about running out of booze here, the alcohol to guest ratio was about 21 units per person ordered by the Committee. The drinks seemed to be aiming for quantity rather than quality, with tables of vodka orange/coke/lemonade.

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Similarly, food was your standard affair, e.g. burgers, fish and chips, doughnuts, ice-cream, chocolate fountains. Despite this, the vegetarian guests were not sufficiently catered for – with only a small number of meat-free options which ran out long before all of the vegetarians had eaten.

There were a couple of rides, a silent disco, mini golf and a human football table, so in terms of things to do for eight hours beyond just drinking copious amounts of alcohol, it was a bit lacking.

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The firework display, however, was a nice touch. Typically only seen at the bigger balls such as Trinity and John's, it brought something memorable to this Ball.

For tickets of around £100, Robinson delivered great value for money. There was nothing exceptional about the Ball but this was to be expected for a relatively cheap ticket. The entertainment was not heaped with famous names, but it was fun and of good quality – ending the event with an ABBA tribute band. As far as May Balls go, it was inexpensive and exciting.

All in all, it doesn't seem like Robinson was trying to create something spectacular and had a relaxed and unpretentious vibe. It may lack the grandeur of the surroundings of some of the older colleges, but it certainly delivered what every May Ball would aim to do, and that was a fun night for its guests.