BREAKING: Activists vandalise Senate House

Cambridge Zero Carbon Society activists deface University property in protest

The Cambridge Zero Carbon Society has vandalised the walls of Senate House with statements such as "Cambridge divest from fossil fuels" and "climate justice for all" to protest the University's continuing ties to fossil fuels.

Divestment activists have clarified that they used "chalk spray" which will wash off easily, calling the protest a "temporary art installation" as opposed to "graffitti".

A spokesperson for the group said "the chalk is soluble and will wash off, unlike the stain of global climate injustice which the University continues to fund. University management has indicated it will block divestment, leaving students no choice but to escalate."

The Society wants to make it clear that the slogans will not damage the building. "More significantly, the use of three cans of aerosol clearly pales in comparison to the £300 million+ that the University invests in fossil fuel companies".

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A press release from the Society suggests that such protests will not end here: "This action is one step in Zero Carbon’s escalating campaign". "Activists say that they will continue to take action until University Council commits to full divestment, whether in the coming Council meeting or the next."

"We’re happy to wash this chalk off ourselves when the University stops investing in this destructive industry.”

This action follows a string of protests from Cambridge Zero Carbon Society, including a banner at the 2018 Boat Race, and the blockade of the University finance office.

The University Communications office says that it is aware of the incident, students were outside Senate House for 20 minutes, and some damage was caused. It is yet to decide on what action it will take.

While Cambridge Zero Carbon Society justifies its actions, arguing that it "is time for Cambridge to become the ‘global leader’ it purports to be and show leadership in creating a just and sustainable future, hospitable to human life", some students claim that this sort of action serves only to alienate the University leadership from the cause. Keep following The Tab for more information regarding the University's decision on whether to divest from fossil fuels next Monday.