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That’s so fetch?

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Lindsay Lohan may be coming to the Union next term.

The actress has put a picture in her Instagram stories showing her invitation to speak at the Union, with the caption of ‘Hello Cambridge’.

Whilst this is not confirmed by the Union yet, Lohan seems excited at the prospect of being invited, which suggests that she is keen to come.

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Is this actually happening?

Lohan also revealed that the Oxford Union has invited her as well, let’s hope she chooses to come to Cambridge rather than the other place.

In her Instagram stories prior to this post, Lohan mentioned that she was invited to speak at Harvard Law School’s graduation ceremony and seemed delighted at the offer. However, there have been speculation that this may actually be an April Fool’s prank. Unlike the invitations from the Cambridge and Oxford Unions, Lohan did not show her followers a picture of her supposed Harvard one.

The Tab has reached out to the Cambridge Union for confirmation.

In the meantime…

If Lohan does come, there’s no doubt it will be a popular event, and many would flock to see the Mean Girls star.