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I used posts from CrushbridgeBot 5000 as pick-up lines on Tinder

And it kind of worked?

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Change is on the horizon, and it comes in the form of a computer generated mashup of old Crushbridge posts. The Facebook page, CrushbridgeBot 5000 has appeared rather sneakily and is starting to gain momentum.

But how does it work? Unfortunately, I am a mere woman who does English and therefore cannot understand computer speak, so I will just insert a handy snippet from the 'About' section of the page:

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The results are an absolute emotional rollercoaster:

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In fact, they are so profound, I have decided to test them in the real world. And by the "real world" I mean on my Tinder matches. This is not a tale of girl-meets-boy. It is a tale of girl-embarrasses-herself-on-the-internet-and-scares-some-people-along-the-way-for-the-sake-of-some-low-quality-content. Let the games begin.

I picked a few gems from the page and distributed them to various matches. Quite romantic when you think about it. I'm basically sending love letters. "This is it," I thought, rubbing my hands together with glee, "this is how I get a boyfriend".

A few hours and several un-matches later, I received some replies. The emphasis here is on some. I was mostly ignored. To these people, I hope you see this article and feel a sense of loss, for you have truly missed out on being a part of this immersive art project.

For everyone else, I know you're absolutely desperate to learn from the expert. Watch, learn and imitate:

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Matthew's greeting was truly magnificent, and he deserved all the praise I could possibly copy and paste. It's sad, however, to see that I have in fact lost my "Wow" factor. Men are FICKLE.

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I don't think we're going to vibe. Let's just leave it here. You clearly don't "get" me.

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Yeah I'm cool thanks, just writing this from THE SEA OF CHAOS THAT IS UNI LIFE.

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That's because it is.

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My book comes out next month. I wrote it whilst finding myself on my non-existent gap yah. I'll sign it for you if you like.

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I'm not really sure what happened here, but this…worked? He carried on the conversation as if my musings on killing him and then drinking his tea that I have never tried were absolutely normal and made perfect sense. What IS up, Stephan?

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Another day, another Henry. Have I been rumbled, or have we started composing some obscure poetry together? How romantic.

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Haha women are so clingy, am I right? One swipe to the right and they're in love with you…Did I come on too strong? Come to me, my love. We can make this work.

So there you have it. Mildly successful, highly entertaining. You're all invited to the wedding.