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Cambridge students demand the decolonisation of MML

Students launched a campaign today calling for diversity

At noon today, the 'Decolonising Cambridge' campaign launched a photo project in which MML students answered 'What would you like to see from a decolonised MML curriculum?'

Students concerns ranged from welfare: 'More preparation for the racism I experienced on my year abroad', to the more academic: 'Faculty expertise in non-European languages please!'. They asked for 'Introduction to post-colonial theory for all students!'. There were niche requests: 'Italian post-colonial films', and demands seemingly so obvious it's a surprise they aren't already in place: 'At least one author of colour in Part 1A'.

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Students expressed concerns that highlighted major failings from the MML department

Alongside the photo project, the campaign is gaining information about students experience with the course with a survey. The survey asks participants to detail how well issues of race, racism and colonialism are addressed and how well represented non-white authors are.

The campaigns next step is to hold a 'Decolonising MML' meeting on Thursday February 1st in Room 146 of the Raised Faculty Building. All are welcome and attendees will discuss what information has been gathered to this point, what progress has been made and how the movement can move forward in the faculty.

Other subjects that have launched decolonisation campaigns include English, Education and History. A working group is currently being set up to decolonise Art History.