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Naked Attraction are looking for Cambridge applicants for the 2018 series

Calling all exhibitionists

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Have you written a Crushbridge only for it to get 0 responses? Did you send in an application to Best Bums, only to narrowly miss the top 10? If you're willing to take your search for a mate to the next extreme then – single man/woman, REVEAL YOURSELF (quite literally).

Channel 4's Naked Attraction – the show that gives your nan a shock when she's trying to find the 10 o'clock news – is asking for Cambridge singles willing to get their kit off for love.

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"Tell me a fun fact about yourself" "Did you know I'm a blue?"

The dating/entertainment/?? show involves 6 stark naked strangers standing in front of someone of their desired sex whilst different parts of their fleshy bodies are revealed one at a time. While this happens, another contestant (clothed at this point), eliminates a contestant at each stage depending on what they think of their parts on show and the answers to questions asked through tinted glass. Wow modern day romance.

The show is presented by Anna Richardson and usually airs on a Thursday at 10pm. Channel 4's advert asks contestants if they're "looking for love?" and if they "fancy testing the power of Naked Attraction?" as they're looking for "singletons ready to take radical action to find their perfect partner."

Potential applicants?

The application involves writing a few sentences about why you're interested in taking part and uploading at least one recent photograph of yourself. The application then ironically emphasises that they "do not accept nude photographs and require photographs of you fully clothed." Cambridge fuck bois put your phones and bone(r)s away.

If you fancy showing off your Corpus C(l)ock or getting out your Chelsea buns on national television, maybe it's worth a shot?