LIVEBLOG: The CUSU Freshers’ Fair 2017

Visit our stall, sweet and lovely freshers, we await

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Welcome to The Tab’s liveblog of the CUSU Freshers’ Fair! We’re here, as ever, to bribe freshers with free confectionery, the promise of very #aesthetic stash, and force our print edition into the hands of every unsuspecting passer-by.

With the two-pronged purpose of keeping ourselves amused in the soul-crushing atmosphere of Kelsey Kerridge (alleviated only by the smell of Domino’s), and roping in new writers to the bottomless pit of Tab from which you will never extricate yourself. Be sure to stop by, sign up to our writers’ group and pick up some free print editions, sweetened goods, and Very Professional Tab stickers.

If you don’t manage to make it along, join our writers’ group here.

14:08 Ibz Mo is here people !

Opinions editor Alice is loving it

13:33 1 like = 1 prayer

13:18 The battle for eduroam continues. Societies have begun creating their own wifi networks, rallying the troops.

13:01 Wifi patchy but we’re werking with it. This is a pain we all know too well.

Fear and loathing

12:42pm Eduroam seems to have gone down. We are having to tether to somebodies phone now – good to know that a multimillion-pound institution still can’t get working wifi!


Another sombre setback. We have been told we aren’t allowed to stand in the walkway and now all four of us are stuffed between a tiny desk. Still doesn’t stop us from recruiting keen freshers and flinging the print ed in their faces!


Alexandra Sive, the Lord Our Saviour, has brought along sustenance for the worker ants on our stall. Thank you, Mum.


We have just been informed that stickers are forbidden. Mood at the Tab stall very sombre, having been reprimanded for our clandestine use of adhesive goods. We apologise to all who have been harmed in this grave incident.


Lots of big Tab love from Daniel Zeichner MP – pick up your copy of the print edition today!

We lov u babe xo


We have, by some strange turn of fate, been allocated to the Literary and Arts section of the Freshers’ Fair. Sat next to Notes and opposite the Fitzwilliam Society. Make of that what you may. <3 high culture <3


The current funky tunes we’ve got banging away, on this very vibey stall.


Come and get a very fit sticker to affix to any surface available. Chicken wrap not included.

Now branded property of The Tab


In a terrible turn of events, one of our deputy editors has sold out and joined the consulting society. Angery reacts only. >:(


The senior editorial team have arrived and are having a lot of jolly japes.

Yay Tab x