Take the Tab’s Sexual Health Survey 2017

Let’s talk about sex(ual health), baby

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The Tab Cambridge is launching an investigation into sexual health.

Aside from the cursory coverage of the (literal) ins and outs of sex in Year 9 Biology, students are pretty much left to fend for themselves in the wilderness of sex education. We’re far more open in our discussions of sex itself than in previous decades, but sexual health continues to be a taboo subject.

Behold, Cambridge University in Ye Olden Dayes before sex had been invented

Opening up a frank dialogue on this is way overdue. We shy away from the thorny issues of STDs, STIs, the politics of getting tested and how we use contraception. Subjects like UTIs, thrush and menstruation deserve to be spoken about and properly addressed.

That look when you tell him you filled out the Tab’s Sexual Health Survey

So we’re conducting a survey, which is totally anonymous and open to all. Please do take the time to fill it in. It’ll be closing on the Friday 2nd June, so don’t miss out!

Click here to take our survey.