Take the Tab’s Sexual Health Survey 2017

Let’s talk about sex(ual health), baby

The perils of polyamory

Everyone assumes that every sexual encounter you have is an orgy. They’re right

Tab Tries: Flavoured Condoms

Tired of the monotonous taste of regular condoms? MELISSA JONES is here to explore the more exotic variety…

What’s your greatest achievement this year?

Apparently CUSU have been doing something afterall

According to the girls: the do’s and don’ts of the male wardrobe

It’s time to hear from the girls. We have the DO’S and DON’TS when it comes to what boys are wearing

CUSU Calls Time On C-Card

CUSU have unwrapped an alternative way for students to receive contraception, TOM HOGG Reports.

Cambridge Sexposed: Sex Ed

TabTV teaches you everything you need to know about Sex in Cambridge.

It’s Time To Talk About S-E-X

GEORGINA PHILLIPS deals with sex, condoms and awkard teenagers in Nepal.

Tab Tries: Made To Measure Condoms

Trouble squeezing your (not so) little soldier into a condom? The boys get jolly with their johnnies…

Walks Of Shame

The Walk of Shame is an inevitable part of the sex-scavenger’s university experience. RUTH MARINER has gathered some first-hand gems to reassure you that you are not the slaggiest biscuit in the box.

Simon Norman

SIMON NORMAN’s mum wants to hear all about his ladyfriend and talk about sex.

Best Comments: Week Six

This week sees Rosa Robson go on a guilt-free comments splurge, resulting in a no-holds-barred compilation of bitching; bant; and barf-inducing, self indulgent humour.

Clunge-Gate: Sexth Formers in Secret Homerton Vice Den

Homerton have come up with their own distinctive brand of community outreach – having local sixth formers romp in their loos.

The Great Cambridge Sex Survey

ALI LEWIS turns up the dreadful euphemisms to find out who is having sex with who in Cambridge, and how often…

CUSU Condoms Sabotaged

Saboteurs are piercing holes through condoms which are left unsecured in the CUSU office and then sold to JCRs.