My fashion wishlist

What to want now

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Not sure where to start when you hit the shops? Trying to plan your outfits for May week? Here are my recommendations as to what to want NOW.

Times are tough and as you read this I am probably stuck in a library somewhere in a last ditch attempt to try and actually learn something. Since much time in the library equals much time procrastinating, I have built up a pretty solid fashion wishlist following many hours online window (or on-screen) shopping. Here is what I will be purchasing when I am free to hit the shops when my exams are over, or already have despite my draining finances…

Fix up, look sharp

I love a trouser suit and there is no reason why you cannot at least wear the blazer part of one on the daily. Tailoring has always been a major crush of mine and there is no reason why it needs to break the bank as you can buy gorgeous versions from both Topshop and Zara for affordable prices.

Whether you like a more tailored suit or prefer edgier culottes, Zara has you covered

I also think that they would be a great alternative option for those trying to avoid the classic maxi dress for May balls.

Head to toe hues

Coloured items; they’re everywhere. But don’t consign yourself to a ‘pretty top’, invest in all forms of colour so that you can rock this trend and go for full-body colour. Fashion is supposed to be fun!

Check it out

Gingham is everywhere at the moment. Just type it into the Topshop search bar and you get 88 results. Here are some of my favourite examples:

A small selection of Topshop’s gorgeous array of gingham

Jump in

Jumpsuits are everywhere at the moment and I love them SO much. They always make you look like you have made a fashion-conscious effort but really it’s just simple. One item will be all you have to choose in the morning. What could be simpler? Plus they are suitable for all occasions.

This gorgeous floral culotte-bottomed jumpsuit is from Topshop.

Daytime drama

Why do sequins have to be confined to the night? Even Vogue has ratified the metallic trend. There is officially nothing wrong with dressing a little ‘extra’ (at least that’s what I tell myself).

Add a bit of sparkle with these gorgeous items from Topshop. Perfect for a night out, but why not go bold and incorporate them in your day-wear?

Pink ladies

This is a tiny selection of the vast array of stunning pink items you can find on ASOS.

Pink is THE colour to be seen in this season, so why not make your wardrobe a little rose-tinted? This may sound scary to some of you and I can totally relate as I flat out refused to wear this shade for about 10 years. But times have changed and rather than pink making me feel childish, I now think it is a pretty bold statement. Bring back pink.

If you’re scared of wearing full-body pink you can easily incorporate it through your accessories.

The cold shoulder

Bardot everything.

The 2 items on the left can be found on ASOS, and the top on the right is from Topshop.

… and cold heels

Mules are the shoes to be seen in this Summer and I am unfortunately lacking a pair so these are very near the top of my wishlist.

This gorgeous pair is from Kurt Geiger and is currently top of my to-buy list.

Blooming lovely

Dolce & Gabbana (<3) are famous for their beautiful hair adornments, so why not say it with flowers and adorn your hair with some pretty blossoms. Brands like ‘Crown and Glory’ make some gorgeous fake ones, or why not buy a £4 bunch from Sainsbury’s and use the real deal? Plus it is a perfect way to accessorise your May Ball look.

Jennifer Behr has a beautiful array of metal floral headbands, providing you with an edgier way to rock this look.

White out

Whatever the fit you’re into, get it in white.  It instantly makes your outfit looks Summery whilst still being easy to style as it is a neutral. But just be careful not to drop anything on yourself (much easier said than done, of course). Ah well, there’s nothing wrong with living life on the edge.

Whatever your style, you can easily find a pair to suit you. (From left to right: Simon Milller, Topshop, Replay.)

Summer stripes

Make sure the background is white and you can’t go wrong. Pretty, seasonal and a little bit more fun than block colour. What’s not to love?

The stripey skirt on the left is from Topshop, and the two items on the right are from Zara.

Wear the MAXImum

I love a maxi skirt. There is nothing wrong with wanting to dress like a princess sometimes and this is the perfect way to do it.

Both of these maxi skirts are from Topshop and are the perfect way to prettify any outfit.

I sincerely hope that these ideas do not contribute to any bankruptcies other than my own.