Cambridge FAILS to come top in any subject in QS World Rankings

Oxford well and truly beat us…

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The QS World Subject Rankings for 2017 have been released, and Cambridge has failed to take the top spot for any subject.

In September, the QS World Rankings placed Cambridge as the fourth best university in the world. However, the 2017 World Subject Rankings show we have been beaten to the top spot for many subjects by the other place.

Cambridge was viewed to be one of the top five universities in the world for fifteen subjects, placing highest for English, Geography, Archaeology and MML, where Cambridge was deemed the second place in the world to study these subjects. Other subjects in the top five included Maths, Medicine, History, Law and Psychology.

Clearly the lawyers still have their shit together

Oxford, however, swept the floor with us, seen as one of the five best universities in the world for a total of 22 subjects.  Not only this, but Oxford is now seen as the best university in the world for four subjects: English, Anatomy and Physiology, Archaeology, and Geography. Pity they’re all boring fucks over there.

Fuck O*ford

This year’s rankings show a significant decline for Cambridge – last year we were ranked as the best university in the world for Archaeology, History and Maths.

Let’s just hope we can win again at the boat race this year, because this is just a humiliating defeat.