Holocaust denier David Irving to visit Cambridge

“There were no gas chambers in Auschwitz. There have been only mock-ups built by the Poles in the years after the war.” – David Irving

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Spend an evening with the “Real-Historian” who has been described as a “Nazi propagandist and longtime Hitler apologist.”

At 6:30 on December 2nd, David Irving will be hosting a talk in which he retrospectively looks back over “fifty years of defending Real History against its enemies.”

Irving, a man who has been convicted of Holocaust denial, imprisoned, and banned from visiting Germany, will be discussing his writing career and (presumably) the criticism his actions have attracted over the years.

The website advertising his visit to Cambridge begins by describing how “the Jews” have taken part in a “protracted and shameful fight against him” throughout his career.

Irving has proclaimed Hitler to be the “biggest friend the Jews had in the Third Reich”

In a pamphlet published in 1989 – Irving stated that he had placed himself  at the head of a growing band of historians worldwide who are now sceptical of the claim that at Auschwitz and other camps were “‘factories of death’, in which millions of innocent people were systematically gassed to death”

He has also claimed that Auschwitz is a phoney “Disney-style” “tourist-site”, and that “the survivors of Auschwitz are themselves testimony to the absence of an extermination programme.”

Irving being deported from Canada in 1992.

When asked about their opinion on David Irving’s visit, one Jewish student commented:

“The only thing worthwhile about David Irving’s work, is that it continues to highlight how prevalent anti-Semitism remains today. From Malia Bouattia, to the rise of an anti-semitic and islamaphobic populist right across Europe, the degree of anti-intellectual prejudice in his work has never been more current.”

Mr. Irving, for whom “money is meaningless” according to the website advertising his visit, will be charging £24.82 for the pleasure of discussing his career.