Save the Class List submits petition to trigger ANOTHER referendum

A petition to save the class lists with over 500 signatories was submitted to CUSU, 150 above the minimum number needed to trigger a referendum.

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Since the announcement earlier this year that Cambridge would abolish the public posting of exam results, students opposed to this action have been speaking out. 

A group campaigning under the title ‘Save the Class List‘ were angered, arguing that the original ‘Our Grade, Our Choice’ movement designed to limit the public displaying of the class list proposed an opt-in or opt-out idea, as opposed to the immediate abolishment.

‘Tis the season to hold ANOTHER referendum

It was reported that the announcement at Senate House that the public reading of maths results would be discontinued was met with boos, whilst the Save the Class List movement launched a petition to force CUSU to have a referendum.

Will they be successful?

Since then, the petition has gained over 500 signatures, well above the 350 needed to trigger a referendum according to CUSU constitution. It was reported that on 6th July, a member of the CUSU team told Save the Class Lists that the matter would not be dealt with until the next sabbatical team handover.

In a press release on the issue, Save the Class List said “Save the Class List does not support the status quo but rather the democratic right for students to vote on a modified version of this tradition.”

The Tab contacted Amatey Doku, the new CUSU president, who issued the following comment:

“The current sabbatical officer team for 2016/17 was made aware during the handover period that a petition had been received shortly after Easter Term earlier this year on the issue of class lists. Since then, several members of the Elections Committee, the body which deals with those requests, are no longer members of the Committee. As happens every year, CUSU Council will appoint members of the new Elections Committee at the first Council in Michaelmas Term and will begin the process of dealing with the petition and referendum request immediately.”

It seems yet again, we may have another referendum on our hands…