Scores on the Doors – Cambridge tops League Table

Cambridge cashes in with dizzying Guardian league table scores

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For the sixth consecutive year Cambridge tops the Guardian league tables, as Oxford and St Andrews lag behind in second and third place, whilst Loughborough and Surrey follow in joint fourth place.

We are the champions

We are the champions

Cambridge has reached the dizzying heights of a Guardian 100 score once more, racking up above 90% for student course and teaching satisfaction. 89.6% of Cambridge students are employed within six months of graduating, the table boasts, placed only behind Imperial College London in this field.

Specimen 1: Guardian percentages lead to inflated egos

Specimen 1: Guardian percentages lead to inflated egoscaesa

Coming in with 12 subjects in the top spot, if you happen to be studying MML, Architecture, Chemical Engineering, Classics, Biosciences, Education, History, Law, Sociology, Building and town and country planning, Medicine or Veterinary Medicine you can smugly rest assured that you are studying at the best university in the UK for your subject (according to the Guardian).

Bit of an ego boost.