Cambridge tops Guardian’s 2017 league table

Your ego is safe for another year.

Scores on the Doors – Cambridge tops League Table

Cambridge cashes in with dizzying Guardian league table scores

Law student says “SUE ME – I DARE YOU” to law magazine

Lay off my intellectual property, says Fitz student

Daily Mail is shocked to see Cambridge students outside

So Caesarian Sunday happened again… And the photographers were out in force

Everyone needs to calm the fuck down about state schools

ZACK HASSAN wants to know what the problem is with the idea of state school only colleges.

Police Infiltration: Academics Pressure Vice-Chancellor

Academics are pressuring the Vice-Chancellor to defend students against police spying. ABIGAIL WOOD reports.

The Tab Meets: Dave Omand, ex-Director of the GCHQ

JOE WHITWELL speaks to David Omand about the changing role of GCHQ, the smashing of Guardian computers, and the terror that lies ‘out there’

The Tab Meets: Jill Abramson

JOE WHITWELL talks to Jill Abramson, executive editor at the New York Times about the expectations around the role of press.

Dog Is Dead To Headline Downing

Indie five-piece Dog Is Dead will headline alongside Toploader at this year’s Downing May Ball.

Magdalene Reveal Noisettes As Headliners

Pop rock duo The Noisettes will perform at this year’s Magdalene May Ball.

Mark Liu: Week 2

MARK can’t stop you from voting in the elections today – but he can prove that it is mathematically futile.

Beard Bags Pin-Up Prize

Mary Beard has hit back at her critics by scooping a pin-up award.

Union Courts Controversy Once More

The Union reveals two new speakers, including far-right French politician Marine Le Pen.

Holy Motors

ALEX MARTIN encourages you all to see this new weird and wonderful flick.

Why Bother With League Tables?

SEBASTIAN SALEK: uni league tables aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, we’re better off not bothering with them.

Top Of The League And Having A Laugh

Cambridge has smashed its rivals, topping the Guardian’s University league tables for the second year.

Why We Broke Up…

ANNA SHEINMAN asks Tab readers why their relationships at Cambridge ended. Here’s what they told her…

The Best Of The Thesps

Oxbridge alumni dominate the theatre world. And quite rightly.

Ex-Tesco CEO To Talk At Union

The former CEO of Tesco will give a talk at the Union on Wednesday, just a week after riots in Bristol over the opening of a new Tesco.