Cambridge tops Guardian’s 2017 league table

Your ego is safe for another year.

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In a surprise turn Cambridge has maintained its top position in the Guardian University league table for the 7th year running. With the top three (Cambridge, O*ford & St Andrews) being ten points above the rest of the table.

The measures used by the league table include ‘Spend per Student Ratio’ as well as several measures of student satisfaction. These categories and more Cambridge has topped in order to maintain its top spot in the league for another year running.

This news will hopefully be a revitalising mid exam season motivator to carry on through with a system that evidently must be doing something right…

All the hours spent here are paying off

The league table also reviews 54 individual subjects within their rankings, rating these on similar markers including quality of teaching and spend per student. Cambridge is currently ranked top in 13 of these 54 categories, which is the most for any single university. These include NatSci through to CompSci, as well as Architecture(Sci).

Cambridge is also currently the top of the ‘The Complete University Guide’ league table and 4th in the World according to the ‘Times Higher Education World Rankings’. Hopefully the ego boost of these statistics will catalyse at least half an hour of productive revision.

Alternatively, if you are already down the rabbit hole of procrastination, for a further discussion of the perks of being on top we would refer you to our weekly sex columnist Belén Bale, for tips on this and much more.