Eddie Izzard takes to Cambridge for EU Remain Campaign

‘I had fantastic opportunities in my life, I want all young people to have the same’

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Stand-up comedian, actor, and now acclaimed marathon runner Eddie Izzard took to the streets of Cambridge  to support the ‘Vote Remain’ campaign. 

Ahead of his appearance at the Cambridge Junction to perform his ‘Force Majeure’ show, Izzard joined Daniel Zeichner MP as well as other campaigners outside the Grafton.

Izzard’s show, which includes three shows in three languages in three hours, is designed to show how Britain is Stronger in Europe. Originally performed at the D-Day 70th anniversary commemorations, when talking about the show, Izzard said that it translated perfectly into a campaign for remaining in Europe, emphasising cooperation.

The rally took place at the Grafton Centre

Gathering considerable public attention, Izzard posed for photographs which undoubtably gathered publicity, but also took the time to individually focus on people and answer questions about Europe that they had.

Throughout all of Izzard’s answers, one dominant theme remained: students and young people need to register to vote. No matter who he was addressing at the event, he reiterated this point, arguing that young people are notoriously less likely to vote, yet it is they who will be most affected by the outcome of the referendum.

Daniel Zeichner also attended, speaking to members of the public about the referendum

The Tab had the opportunity to ask Eddie Izzard what his most convincing argument was for why students should vote to remain in the European Union.

He responded by saying that he had fantastic opportunities in his life, and wanted all young people to have the same opportunities and more: ‘The low cost flights that you get to Europe, the fact that you can work in Europe, the phone calls, the roaming charges that are disappearing from next year in Europe, your healthcare across Europe, that will go.’

For him, the issue of healthcare across Europe disappearing was particularly vital, continuing to say that ‘the next holiday they take, the next time they get ill anywhere they are on holiday, that will all disappear’.

Finally, following the tone of the entire event, he told us to get registered. ‘It takes two minutes on your smartphone’, or two minutes clicking this link in a Tab article.

All about the angle – Eddie was more than willing to take a selfie if he could take it himself

Despite replacing his stand-up persona with a more serious tone, something which really showed how deeply Izzard felt about the EU, flashes of comedy remained and added a personal touch to the event. When asking him for a photograph, he willingly agreed, but ‘only if I can take it’.

Clearly he knows what his best side is.