eddie izzard

Eddie Izzard takes to Cambridge for EU Remain Campaign

‘I had fantastic opportunities in my life, I want all young people to have the same’

Tab Meets: Stephen K Amos

STEPHEN K AMOS talks stand-up, dream venues, and pre-show nerves

The Snow Queen: The Footlights Pantomime

TOMMY SHANE has had a crisis of faith in his previous reverence for the Footlights after this not-so-awe-inspiring pantomime.

Eddie Izzard on the AV Campaign

‘Tories are like the dementors from Harry Potter. We all know this, we can’t prove it scientifically, but we all know it’s true.’ AMY JEFFS speaks to sexually ambiguous comic EDDIE IZZARD about his commitment to the Yes to AV campaign before tomorrow’s vote.

The Cambridge Companion To Voting Reform

With only hours until the referendum you’ve all been waiting for, The Tab is here to navigate you across the tempestuous seas of voting reform.

Marathon Blog: Pounding the Pavement

With just under 2 weeks until the big day, EMILY MARCHANT describes the pain, sweat and exhilaration of the final runs.

Election Blog: Lib Dems Win Cambridge

As The Tab exclusively revealed at 2am, Julian Huppert has won Cambridge for the Lib Dems, with the Tories second.